A downloadable Arcade Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Dimensions is a challenging 2D/3D puzzle game, where the player manipulates their perspective to move through the levels. The objective is to find the way to the portal inside the different worlds.

Experience three unique universes with relaxing music and fanstastic views.  Enjoy the orcas as you overcome challenging obstacles by turning and manipulating the world around you.


The first level is the Earth world, a calming and nature-like dimension that will challenge your mind.

The next one is a Lava level, a beautiful yet dangerous environment that will test your understanding of perspective.

And last but not least we have the Ice level, a peaceful world that will defy your perception.



Download the .zip file for the appropriate OS and extract to desired location. Run Dimensions.exe to play the game. 

The recommended resolution for the intended user experience is full HD; 1920 x 1080. (Default)

Good luck & Have fun!


George Eriksson - Product Owner, Programmer, Level Designer

Edvin Eriksson - Lead Programmer, Level Designer

Petrea Kaðlín Sigmundsdóttir - Concept Art, 3D Modeling Artist, Texture Painter

Elena Hurtado Vázquez - Concept Art, 3D Modeling Artist, Texture Painter

Ludvig Köhn - UI Designer, Wire guy,  3D Modeling Artist

Oliver Svärd - Producer, Animator, UI Designer, VFX artist


Dimensions_Windows.zip 167 MB
Dimensions_MAC.zip 168 MB
Dimensions_Linux.zip 172 MB